Long Time No Post…

Hello All,

Wow! This is inexcusable.. beyond comprehension… I should be put away for the audacity that I have committed.

I have not posted in far…. too… long.

I’m Sorry! But what can I say?! This place has been SO incredible that I’ve been more than a little distracted…

I LOVE it here! So much! I’m pretty sure that more than  half of my friends have blocked my posts from their news feed on Facebook because I’ve been posting so many “I love NYC” pictures and status’..

But I DO! I love NYC! I love NYU! I love everything about this new place I call home!

Because way too much has occurred over this past month and a half I will not attempt to document every single one of my experiences here thus far. instead I will make a list for you of the highlights. (and then I promise to be more consistent about posting as cool things happen…)

Here we go..

A List of Some of the Awesome Things I’ve Experienced/Done here in NYU

1. At my job (working as an Usher at NYU’s Skirball theatre) I have seen some pretty famous people. Some of the highlights? Al Gore and B. J. Novak (How sad is it that I was WAY more excited about the latter of these two?)

2. I’ve also taken in some great theatre! Both on and off Broadway. Some examples? The Glass Menagerie, Three Sisters, Pippin…

3. I’ve tap danced every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am… (Yes, it is nearly impossible to drag myself out of bed in order to make it to this class on time.. But once there I really enjoy dancing my favorite style of dance)

4. Speaking of Dance.. I’ve also had the pleasure of taking a, (how shall I say it?), very educational music theatre dance workshop class. Lets just say… I’m learning a LOT VERY FAST! I am thinking this class will be worth it in the end.. (even though I am dying right now..) But seriously, even though this class is a huge challenge I am glad! I mean, why else did I come here if not to challenge myself to become the best that I can in all aspects of my craft?

5. I’ve spent weekends exploring this mind-blowing city. From walking along the Hudson, to visiting Madison Square Park, to a walk down 5th av. (only to window shop sadly…), and discovering the west village,

6. I’ve met some great people! I feel so fortunate for all the relationships that I’m already starting to form with the people around me. My roommates, My fellow vocal performance majors, and others in my classes and in the city!

7. I’ve eaten some great food! (Yes, I am aware that I have already dedicated an entire post to this single topic but I’ve already experienced even more incredible food since then!) Three Words. Dylans. Candy. Bar. 🙂

Of course there have been millions more tiny experiences each day that I could write about, but unfortunately that would be very long and take a lot of time.. and seeing as it’s a weekend night and I kind of, sort of, maybe, want to eat ice cream and watch tv… I will go into more detail in the future. haha 🙂

But keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon! I promise to post more and allow you a glimpse into my  new reality as an NYC resident!

Love and Music,


P.S. I dyed my hair “back to brunette” tonight.. Ready for a Fall color 🙂 Take a peak:


Re”eating” the Past…

So, it has begun.

And no. I am not referring to school. Nor do I allude to studying, rehearsals, tests, and all other glorious aspects of my new life here in the big ol’ city.

I am speaking of something of far greater importance.

Something that holds a dear place in my heart.

Something, my dear reader, that is beyond words.

That is.


Or as my good musical friend Oliver would put it “food! glorious food!”

Yes. New York City, a city known for its diverse and delectable eatables, is where I now reside.. and boy am I sure glad about it!

So as you may or may know, this is not my very first time walking the hallowed streets of the big apple. Actually the main reason that I am now donning the proud purple and white is because of an experience I had a year ago. A summer program that I attended here at NYU. A summer program that, I would say, pretty much changed my life.

Yes, yes. I am referring to the abundant knowledge I gained and people I met but more importantly a different aspect of my being was touched.

My taste buds.

Oh, the glorious discovery of so many good eats was spectacular!

And, these past few days, as I made the big leap to life here, I decided to satisfy my craving for some of the past by visiting a select few of my favorite eateries.

1. Schnippers “Quality Kitchen” at 41st street and 8th av


This is the home of (I kid you not.)

The Worlds Greatest Grilled Cheese.

(And an incredible Cookies ‘n’ Cream milkshake doesn’t hurt!)


2. Little Italy Mulberry Street

little italy

Here is a list of why this little neighborhood of New York is the best:

A. Italian food is the best food ever invented.

B. Pasta.

C. Little Italy is literally a street of endless Italian restaurants.

D. Pasta.

E. Super courteous male Italian waiters work at all these restaurants and say “Mama Mia” when you choose to eat at theirs. (Seriously. This just happened to me. It. Was. Awesome.)

F. Pasta.

and oh yea, one more thing…

E. Pasta.

If those reasons weren’t enough.. I hear that a picture is worth a thousand words.. so…. Take a gander at my glorious meal of last night…


Penne alla Vodka anyone?

Our restaurant of choice this time around visiting my favorite little neighborhood was called Sofia’s.

Creme Brulee for dessert  Yum. O.

Creme Brulee for dessert
Yum. O.

Seriously you need to go. right now. get off the couch. get up from that chair. buy a plane ticket to NYC. and GO TO LITTLE ITALY!!

And for the third stop on our trip…

3.  Baked by Melissa

A mini cupcake store.

Need I say more?


This cute place has the tiniest 2 bite cupcakes so you can try all kinds of different flavors!

My personal favs? Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip Pancake.

So there you have it folks. My mini food tour of rediscovery! I visited my top three favorite eaten’ shops and relived the happy moments from a year ago! I have to say, it sure was weird not sharing all this incredible food with my awesome friends from last summer but it was still great!

Check back soon as I venture out into the city even more to discover new great places to munch and crunch!

Love and Music,

Kelsey.  ❤