Long Time No Post…

Hello All,

Wow! This is inexcusable.. beyond comprehension… I should be put away for the audacity that I have committed.

I have not posted in far…. too… long.

I’m Sorry! But what can I say?! This place has been SO incredible that I’ve been more than a little distracted…

I LOVE it here! So much! I’m pretty sure that more than  half of my friends have blocked my posts from their news feed on Facebook because I’ve been posting so many “I love NYC” pictures and status’..

But I DO! I love NYC! I love NYU! I love everything about this new place I call home!

Because way too much has occurred over this past month and a half I will not attempt to document every single one of my experiences here thus far. instead I will make a list for you of the highlights. (and then I promise to be more consistent about posting as cool things happen…)

Here we go..

A List of Some of the Awesome Things I’ve Experienced/Done here in NYU

1. At my job (working as an Usher at NYU’s Skirball theatre) I have seen some pretty famous people. Some of the highlights? Al Gore and B. J. Novak (How sad is it that I was WAY more excited about the latter of these two?)

2. I’ve also taken in some great theatre! Both on and off Broadway. Some examples? The Glass Menagerie, Three Sisters, Pippin…

3. I’ve tap danced every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am… (Yes, it is nearly impossible to drag myself out of bed in order to make it to this class on time.. But once there I really enjoy dancing my favorite style of dance)

4. Speaking of Dance.. I’ve also had the pleasure of taking a, (how shall I say it?), very educational music theatre dance workshop class. Lets just say… I’m learning a LOT VERY FAST! I am thinking this class will be worth it in the end.. (even though I am dying right now..) But seriously, even though this class is a huge challenge I am glad! I mean, why else did I come here if not to challenge myself to become the best that I can in all aspects of my craft?

5. I’ve spent weekends exploring this mind-blowing city. From walking along the Hudson, to visiting Madison Square Park, to a walk down 5th av. (only to window shop sadly…), and discovering the west village,

6. I’ve met some great people! I feel so fortunate for all the relationships that I’m already starting to form with the people around me. My roommates, My fellow vocal performance majors, and others in my classes and in the city!

7. I’ve eaten some great food! (Yes, I am aware that I have already dedicated an entire post to this single topic but I’ve already experienced even more incredible food since then!) Three Words. Dylans. Candy. Bar. 🙂

Of course there have been millions more tiny experiences each day that I could write about, but unfortunately that would be very long and take a lot of time.. and seeing as it’s a weekend night and I kind of, sort of, maybe, want to eat ice cream and watch tv… I will go into more detail in the future. haha 🙂

But keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon! I promise to post more and allow you a glimpse into my  new reality as an NYC resident!

Love and Music,


P.S. I dyed my hair “back to brunette” tonight.. Ready for a Fall color 🙂 Take a peak:


My very first blog entry.. Wow, here we go! :)

Hi there!

I’m Kelsey Rose. Sometimes referred to as Kels, Kelseykins, Shortie, Kiwi, (or my personal favorite) “Hey, where’d Kelsey g- Oh, There you are! Sorry I didn’t see you, I was looking right over your head. How tall are you anyway? 5 foot?”


4′ 11″. :)

Yup, that’s right folks. You’d better believe it. This girl is one inch taller than meeting the classifications of being a legal “little person”. (Too bad.. some of that scholarship would’ve been nice to get..)

Now, this girl may frequently be mistaken for a 14-year-old and offered a children’s menu and crayons when she’s goes out to eat. She may also buy a size “short” jeans and still have to hem three inches off the bottom for them to fit. And, of course, no normal conversation she has with anyone (even her own twin brother) is complete until she randomly hears them say “Wow, you are really short”.

But,not all is lost for our petite heroine!

For, as our good ol’ literary friend Shakespeare once said, “And though she be but little, she is fierce!”

This. My friends, is a fact.

I’m a little girl with BIG dreams! Dreams of gracing the stage on the Great White Way. Dreams of thanking my good friend Sutton Foster for all her support during my Tony Award acceptance speech. Dreams of- Oh, sorry. Am I getting a little ahead of myself?

Well, these big dreams, once a far stretched idea seemingly out of reach, have just gotten a little closer.

I have been accepted to transfer to New York University to study Vocal Performance-Music Theatre right in the heart of NYC!


Yes dear reader, my dream school has been attained! And, thanks to the support of my awesome parents and family, I am actually able to accept the invitation to study at such a prestigious school!

Now, you may be asking yourself “Transfer? Which other awesome university is this girl coming from?” And the answer, my friends, is, that I spent my first two years of college studying Vocal Performance at the great Big 10 college known as Michigan State University. GO GREEN! Needless to say these past two years have been full of great study, lots of football, and building relationships with friends and professors whom I love and respect.

I loved my time spent at MSU and I will always and forever “Bleed Green”.


But, at this point in my life I’m ready to trade in my green for some purple and add another chapter to my book. To take all the knowledge I have gained about both life and music from MSU and see what else NYU can teach me.

And that is what this blog is all about. Here I will catalogue my journey as I learn, discover, and meet all kinds of new and interesting people. I will give you a view of Manhattan through the eyes of a born and raised midwestern girl as she starts her new life in the big city! So, come on and join me! I promise it will be a fun ride full of excitement, passion, discovery, and most importantly music!


Kelsey ❤