Out with the Old.. In with the…


So, Hi.

Its mee!

Andd… here’s the thing.

About a week ago, as I was preparing to say my final fare well to all that I’ve called home for these past 20 years, a grand idea hit me! A huge idea! A momentous idea!

An idea that you, my lovely reader, would greatly enjoy! This is because.. it was an idea for a post on this here blog ๐Ÿ™‚

A post entitled “Out with the old, in with the new”. Very original and creative. I know.

A post where I place pictures of some of my favorite things from home that I shall miss and then show some of the things that I’m pumped about.

I meant to do this right when I moved in. Ya, know, cause then it would be really meaningful cause I was sad to be leaving my home.. But then I realized that I’d just moved to the greatest and most dynamic city in the world, then I met some people, did some things, and got a little distracted…

So now I’m here! And, as to not waste the super cool pics that I took last week at home, I shall do a condensed version of “Out with the Old…”

Here we go:

A List of Things I Shall Miss about My Home in Rochester, MI

1. My House












2. This Tree Swing.












3.Living on the “Disney Street” STORY INTERLUDE! When I was younger a guy once told me that he loved how the street I lived on looked like it was a set for a Disney channel original movie. And, of course, being a young adolescent, this made my life. And I never forgot it ๐Ÿ™‚












4. The view off my back porch












5. My Fuzzy Best Friend












6. This VERY spacious room. The place I have called mine for 20 years.










7. Walking in this stuff












8. Oh, yea.. And This Guy. (Aka my twin bro Kyle)












And then, after I walked around and shed a few melancholy tears, I stashed away these pictures of my beloved home and.. We packed up the van…












And were ready. to. go. And we drove. We drove for a LONG time. Finally arriving in the greatest city in the world. Upon arrival in this awesome place I realized something… all these “new things” were pretty dang awesome.

A List of Things I Already Love About My NEW Home in NYC, New York:

1. The View out of my bedroom window












2. Going to school ย in this gorgeous part of the city





















3. Buying my very first pair of LaDucas! ๐Ÿ˜€












4. Realizing that I actually still can walk in this green stuff sometimes.












5. Taking pictures with people like this (aka Patina Miller aka Tony Winner in Pippin On Broadway :D)












6. These Girls (Two of which are my roomies)










7. Also realizing that seeing a Broadway show is only a 5 minute subway ride away (This could be dangerous…)












8. Being able to cross things off my bucket list like: Walking all the way to AND across the Brooklyn Bridge












9. My New Apartment!












10. Taking a moment to breathe and remember that this beautiful city is now a place I call home.




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