Pretty and Homeless.

So yesterday was the big day!

A HUGE day!

A day to look forward to!

Why, you may ask?

Well, because on Monday August 12th NYU would be emailing all transfer students their housing assignments. Yes. I would finally know which icebox sized living space, commonly referred to as a dorm, I would be residing in for the next 10 months. I would finally come to know the name of my new future BFF, commonly referred to as a roommate.

Just these two promises of knowledge are easily enough to make any girl anxious and excited. So I’ve waited.

I have waited patiently all summer. Anxiously awaiting the blessed email from the angels of NYU housing. Eager to drink from this golden chalice of pure liquid knowledge that such an email would represent.

Like a giddy five-year old on Christmas morning I awoke on this glorious August 12th, slipped on my fuzzy bunny slippers, grabbed a cup of coffee, and bounded down the stairs. (Ok so I might be slightly exaggerating this scene…

I don’t like coffee.

But the fuzzy bunny slippers? Oh, no. Those were real.)

As I neared my destination I then slowly approached the silver electronic device that held the secret treasure within. Opened it delicately and typed in the ancient code once discovered by the Mayans in order to gain access to my email…

My hands shaking, palms sweating, and feet quivering in their bunny slippers my inbox loaded..

2 new messages! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Steady… Steady… My fingers fluttered across the mousepad to reveal which messages awaited.


And there they were. Indeed, 2 new messages.

The first?

From: American Eagle Outfitters. Confirming my order. Alright. Good to know. My cute new top was on its way. But I didn’t care about this! I had epic knowledge to discover.

The second?

From: NYU Housing (commence mini volcano eruption in my heart).


My eyes quickly skimmed the page, looking for the location of my new residence.

What did my little green eyes discover instead?

A note. A note telling me that they had not yet come to a decision on my housing placement. I would have to wait one more day. For they would be sending them out the following day. One more day? Well, I had waited all summer. I guess I could wait one more day…

That day being today.

Today, Tuesday August 13. This is what I was promised. Today the owl would be sent from Hogwarts holding within its beak a letter containing my house assignment.


Nothing came today.

Nothing. Nada, Zilch. Zero. Zip.

Maybe they have different calendars there at the old NYU?

As one of my fellow NYU transfers put it “today = tomorrow in NYU land”.

I lol’d a little at that one..

So. Moral of the story dear reader?

Don’t wear your fuzzy bunny slippers when waiting by the chimney for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Apparently, they are bad luck.

But seriously, I guess I’ll just have to continue practicing that crazy virtue called patience..

Oh well, Hopefully I’ll find out soon. Otherwise, I’ll be sending out requests for any spare refrigerator boxes you all might have lying around..

On a happier note! I had some fun taking some of my own “headshots” lol

take a gander…

Just some selfies.

Taken with my iphone.

In my bedroom.

IMG_0244 IMG_0271

Can you believe it? Lets just say someone today asked me which studio I got these done at. 🙂

Thanks little iPhone. You rock.

Well, that’s all for now!

Thanks for listening!

Love and Music.



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